Spain – Granada


A fruity city named after the pomegranate, hidden between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and exposed to the Mediterranean Sea, Granada. Just like the arils fenced by the juice of the grenadine, this city has multicultural roots, where your all five senses will be explored to the maximum. The feeling is very close to eating a pomegranate; with every juicy seed exploding between your jaws, a new but kind of the same taste comes along.

One of my favorite things about this outstanding city is the remarkable proof that different people with different beliefs can coexist. Not just coexist but also can be extraordinary together. The place that defines this the most in Granada is Al Hambra. There, one can see the most beautiful combination between two religions, christianity and islam. It’s almost incredible how “ two” different contradictory things can create such an amazing almost perfect “ one”. Also, with Morocco being just three hours away, one can see the African influences as well. It’s like this city is an open heart, welcoming everyone with anything they are holding in their “ backpacks”, not even trying for a second to be against anything that its coming its way. That’s one thing I can’t say about the current situation in the world. This place should be an example for all of us; despite all differences and all beliefs, I believe we are able to live together happily and peacefully by creating instead of destroying. 

One other thing that took my attention is how generous people are, even though almost everything comes at a low-cost. Wherever you decide to have lunch or to dine, the restaurants/bars of Granada will give you tapas for free. You order a sangria/cerveza ( beer) or any other drink and you will get in most of the places one or two free tapas, depending on how many people are. Oh man, the taste of those spicy olives is still dancing in my mouth ( I am obsessed with olives haha) . I mean I love all kinds of food, but what I like about tapas is their size; these little tiny perfect size appetizers go just perfect with a beer or a sangria, satisfying your tastes in an adorable way without making you feel like a balloon.

We got there by bus from Madrid, which was better than we expected. You can find various stores at the train station from where you can buy some sandwiches, juices or coffee. The sandwiches were actually better than we expected, especially the egg salad one. On our way there we watched El Chapo haha. Since the bus has wi-fi and comfortable chairs time flew away fast, but it takes almost 4 hours to get there.

 Took a cab from the train station to the hotel, at a very reasonable price. Though at first we were a little bit skeptical because of our experiences with taxi drivers in other countries, but no, not in Granda! You can trust taxi drivers there. Got to the hotel, did the check in and went to explore the city. From the first minutes spent there you realize how magical Granada is. It’s like love at first sight! Usually me and Noor walk together but it happens sometimes to find ourselves walking in different directions. All it takes is one of us or both to see something that really impresses us and there we are, looking for each other with a big almost childish smile on our face, wanting to desperately share what we just saw. ” Bebek come see!”, ” No, you come see this!” haha.. well in Granada this happened a lot so that is a good sign.







After walking around a little bit on the streets of Granada, of course, we got hungry. We first went to a place called Beauty and the Beast which is a tiny bar that was designed by a 10 years old child exactly how he wanted. I thought that’s interesting, cool parents kid! We had some sangria, which is a must, absolutely delicious, very refreshing, fruity and full flavored. With every drink we got free tapas, which were ok. 




And this is how our first day ended! With a pistachiolicious taste. I know Italy has the best ice-cream but I think you just haven’d tried Granada’s ice cream yet haha. We are pistachio lovers so we try pistachio ice cream everywhere we go. This one is the best so far!



The second day of the trip started with a delicious breakfast right on the street. I had bread with tomato and cheese, but trust me is more than the usual tomato and cheese. The tomatoes there are amazing, they are so good you just want to eat tomatoes all day. Oh and the cheeseee, and the jamon from what Noor told me, it’s the best! He went years ago to Spain and had some; when we were planning this trip to Spain all he was talking about was the jamon so yeah I think it’s really good. ( I know I don’t eat meat and probably I should not talk about how good jamon is but I am sure I have meat eaters as followers that would really enjoy it. This is a time where anyone can do anything and there is no judgments here on my blog, no right or wrong) .

After breakfast we walked around and than headed to Al-Hambra. We got the tickets online, it’s better and cheaper. The Generalife with a guide is the best choice, it includes all places, including the garden! Wear comfortable shoes and a hat, it’s very hot and you will walk a lot but the place is so beautiful that you will not feel how the time goes.














One of the stories that caught my attention is how these fountains were built in such a way that you cannot hear them. The Sultan wanted to be able to walk around them in peace and quiet without any noise distracting him from the important decisions he had to make at that time.



Al Hambra is enormous; the location of this beautiful architecture, the roses, oranges and myrtles transform this place in a magical spot on Earth; Moorish poets described it as “a pearl set in emeralds”, because of the wood that surrounds it. Above all this beauty, Al Hambra is also the standing proof that, we, the people, can make it work if we stop letting our differences to define us! And not just work, but do it in a marvelous way with an extraordinary result. I can’t honestly find in my vocabulary the right words to describe this amazing place. You just need to go and see it! Put it on your wish list!



As we do in every city, country, place we visit, this time was no different! One evening is kept for our date night which means we dress up nice, elegant and we go to a beautiful restaurant, have a delicious dinner, curious conversations and lots of laughing. Usually ends up with a tasty dessert, maybe other drinks in a bar, dancing or just walking around and singing on the streets haha. This time we went to a show first, a flamingo show in the gypsy area of Granada. Oh, man! It is fantastic! 





Their voices and their dancing is so unique and beautiful that you can’t get enough of just looking at them. They are like real gypsies, with a family history of flamingo dancers and singers. The walls are full of their photos capturing moments of every generation. It’s a unique experience full of authenticity and history. 





Nothing is more beautiful than walking on the street of Granada so after the show we walked to the restaurant, which by the way is our favorite and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a lovely romantic delicious dinner. It is up on a hill from where you can see all Granada and of course Al-Hambra shining beautifully in the lights of the Moon. There you will be surrounded with live guitar music played by an asian man who does it in such a natural relaxing way that you will definitely get some of his good energy. Never thought I will ever hear an asian man playing guitar so beautiful in Granada! Thank you!




The place is called Las estreyas de Saint Nicolas. The menu is diversified, it has traditional Spanish foods like paella but also a various other choices like grilled sea bass, crispy red tuna, carpaccio, plates of cured jamon of course, salads and delicious desserts.  I did take a photo of the dessert which we shared, it is the Red Fruit ” MilleFeuilles” with Vanilla Cream. So good we wanted to order another one haha! 



Last day in Granada we had breakfast in the same place, because we loved it the first time! I wanted to buy some souvenirs so we walked and shopped a bit.

We found this gorgeous perfume museum. It had these small stairs which take you to the basement where you will find small utensils, recipients and boilers that people used long time ago to make perfume. 








Walking in Granada on those little small streets which separate and combine at the same time two different continents, two different worlds is something one must experience at least once in his lifetime. With your nose and lungs being infused with the powerful smell of oranges, olives and roses all together, either hearing an old woman singing in Spanish or just a man who is sitting on the stairs having a sangria and singing on his guitar, Granada is a remarkable place, like a beginning of a love story, where Europe meets Africa. 

There I felt free. I felt free and in love.



With all my love,








Mykonos happened because Sorina and Andreas got married in Athens in the summer of 2016. So thank you S&A, somehow you contributed to this trip! The wedding was just amazing, up on one of the beautiful olive hills in Athens where after the sun goes down and the Moon goes up you can see Greece sparkling like a fine jewelry. What happens when you and your friends are in Athens at your friend’s wedding? Dancing, jumping, crying, laughing, hugging, kissing & loving happens! 


The next day after my friends Sorina and Andreas promised eternal love to each other under an olive tree, we walked on the streets of Athens for a day and then we thought of going to an island hmmm… Got a map and picked from 6,000 islands haha peace of cake right? Mykonos sounded like fun & peaceful beaches. Crete was too far and I have been to Crete and Thasos before, gorgeous! But this time I wanted something different, something that has everything haha. Santorini felt too quiet that time so Mykonos happened. 

Greece is one of my favorite countries, I love the food, the music, their beaches & sea ( one of the beautiful ones), the people. I feel that Greece has the Oriental touch, somehow like Turkey, connecting me to it in a strange way, probably because of the Middle Eastern/Oriental part in me. I feel almost like home there. And Yes, Mykonos has everything! From the most quiet, romantic restaurant in Little Venice where you can dine while losing yourself in the sound of the waves lighted by the Moon, hitting the rocks, being quiet and loud at the same time to the most fun, crazy beach parties! 

Ladies and gentleman fasten your seatbelts, we are taking off to Mykonos ✈️



Little Venice Mykonos



After we got there we waited around 30 minutes for a cab just so we can find out later that there are only 11 cabs in Mykonos ( hmmm thats why there was a cab line of 40 people..) Eventually a driver from the hotel we were staying at came and picked us up. By the way the hotel was amazing, if you ever think of going, it’s called Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel. Checked in, grabbed my backpack and started the adventure. The best way to go around Mykonos is by scooter, the streets are filled with them, another cool thing about this windy island. Noor was the driver, I was the co-pilot. With the map in my hand and eyes on the street signs we went to almost every beach, spent 2-3 hours at one and head to the next one and next one and next one.




After the sun goes down do ” Date night on a scooter!” Wearing a white long wavy dress and Noor his pineapples, mangoes, strawberries and all kinds of fruits shirt haha just like we get ready for all our date nights , we went for a scooter ride on the hills of Mykonos with the moon diving into the Aegean Sea on the right and the wind blowing in my beachy summerish hair, holding tight to my love, felt perfect! For a moment there up on the hill, you and me.. and the Moon, we were everything! Someone wise once said, stop wishing for life to be perfect all the time so as happiness is in the little moments!

Collect moments, memories, experiences…




Happy clothes, happy people


Medical Office in Mykonos haha


And this is how Mykonos ended, taking pictures while waiting for our ferry which was delayed. Great time, great place!

Next? London baby 🤘🏼




When MIAMI happens…

I always said that unplanned vacations are the best! This one was so unplanned, it happened in minutes. Just when I was getting back from Bucharest, literally still on the plane haha Noor called and told me ” Bebek we are going to Miami in a few days!” Booked the flights, the hotel and here we are in the city of LIFE! You know me, I am crazy about Cali but Miami.. Miami it’s young and old at the same time, it’s life, music, palm trees, beaches, the ocean.. It’s the place where you cannot not have fun even if you tried haha 





Broken Shaker ( a must!!)



I just loooove this place!

It’s called ” Under the Mango Tree” cool name too!! It’s an organic juice bar with yummy delicious acai bowls, smoothies, juices and the most friendly people. I wish I have a photo with the acai bowl I had but it was so good I devoured it before even thinking to take any pictures. But I did take a photo of this divine dragon fruit smoothie, deliciousss and such an amazing color!  



Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are The Ocean!

FullSizeRender 8

Never hurt a Samosa or a Kachori by saying No, they too have fillings inside! hahaha

FullSizeRender 19

Miami summer rides

FullSizeRender 15

Oysters on the half shell please! And some lobster too.. hmmm and don’t forget the white wine!

FullSizeRender 12

The Setai Hotel

FullSizeRender 20

Coffee before we go..

FullSizeRender 11

Peace and Love to all of you!


Places to go:

Broken Shaker



The Taco Spot


Izzys Fish and Oyster

Nikki Beach

Under the Mango Tree

California dreamin’

 First of all, Happy New Year people! Hope you had a good start of the year 🙂


NYE 2017 in Los Angeles at Skybar Mondrian

Second of all, follow me into this journey as I share with you my thoughts about California and why it’s a must on your places to visit bucket list. My first time there was in the summer of 2015 and since then I fell in love with it. I love traveling and I have enjoyed each country that I have been to, but California is THE ONE haha.

    What is California about?

         It’s about the warm and the cold, the ocean and the mountains, the sand and the snow, the palm and the fir trees, the busy and the calm, the wind and the waves, the cat and the dog, all living together in the perfect tune, harmony & vibe. For me, California it’s the Yin & Yang, the balance of everything Earth has given to us, humans. The water, the sand, the mountains & the diversified nature.


Santa Monica, California

The weather

          Most of the people say California has the perfect weather, which is true. You can go to the beach even in January, take a walk on the sand or just lay on it and relax as you watch the movements of the big blue ocean. It is a fortune, believe me, to see and feel the sun most of the year.  After all, it’s the sun that gives the color to everything around you. The trees are green, the ocean is blue, the flowers are red, the sand gets yellow, even the people are more colorful & happy.


Newport Beach, Javier

Day & Nightlife

          If you like to work out and have fun at the same time, Cali is what you need. You have lots of things to chose from. You can go hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming, surfing, skydiving. Wearing gym clothes, taking walks with their dogs, hiking or running on the beach, this is how most of the Californians live. Active and healthy.


Runyon Canyon

You can go to Santa Monica Pier, take a walk on the beach, listen to the people playing guitar around you, feed the birds or just go to the beach, lay on the sand and enjoy the sound of the waves.


Santa Monica Pier, California


Santa Monica Pier, California


Santa Monica Beach, California

Feeling hungry? Don’t worry! Restaurants are amazing in Cali! They got you on everything, from the smallest details like a cool lamp or some vintage silverware to the food and drinks, which are delicious! Almost in every restaurant you have a vegetarian option, healthy choices, fruits & vegetables juices. Plenty of selections, all kinds of cuisines, Mediterranean, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean.


San Diego, Searsucker


San Diego, Searsucker


Santa Monica, True Food Kitchen


Photo taken from the restaurant The Cliff in Laguna Beach  

After the sunset, you can enjoy a dinner and a cocktail at one of the many beautiful lounges LA has. Most of them have an outdoor sitting area accommodated by a fireplace, because it gets a little bit chilly at night. I recommend Catch LA, Ysabel, The Bungalow or Hyde if you feel like dancing after dinner. At Hyde, the DJ will put you in the right mood after you enjoy all those tasty courses. Each of them is served in small plates so order bunch of them and have a taste from all, the food is absolutely delicious. Try the peach mustard burrata salad, the beet salad, the veggie platter with edamame hummus dip. Oh and the brussels sprouts with dates and almonds. My mouth gets watery when I remember all these flavors. This one is a must, if one day you go to LA. Unfortunately I have no photos from there, I was busy enjoying all those tastes.


Los Angeles, Ysabel

If you are more of a spiritual person who believes in chakras & energy or you are into natural medicine, there are plenty of stores with healing stones, candles, all kinds of oils, ayurvedic teas and many other interesting things. I bought a stone for my root chakra and some pink himalayan salt from a very nice store called House of Intuition.


House of Intuition

Classic cars

          If you are into classic cars, you will see lots of them here. Check this chocolate Mustang, isn’t she a beauty? I love it!


San Diego


          Getting too hot and in a need of some fresh air? You can always go skiing in Cali, it takes like an hour or two to get to the mountains. And after you can come back to the ocean and go for a swim, in the same day!! Now this is cool, in the morning you are swimming admiring the mountains and in two hours you can be skiing and back again to the ocean. I didn’t have time to do that but it’s on my bucket list for next time 🙂


          I have no words to describe the sunsets.


Santa Monica, California


Santa Monica, California


          I think dogs are so happy in California. They can go with you everywhere. You go hiking, you can take your dog with you. You go to the beach, you can take your dog with you. They even have a dog beach. For me it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Imagine a beach full of dogs, running and playing around with each other, swimming, and walking. Some of them, the lazy ones, relaxing on the sand haha. I promise to take photos next time 🙂

Cool things to do and see

          You can go to Universal Studios, discover how movies are made, how special effects are used. Take the Universal Tour and enjoy various shows and movies. For example, Transformers ride, Harry Potter theme, Fast and Furious, The Walking Dead. It’s pretty amazing!

LACMA museum, The Griffith Observatory where you can see the moon up to 170 times closer, different animations of the sun and how it affects other planets, specially planet Earth. Why we have day and night, why somewhere there are four seasons and somewhere only one. How much you weight on each planet and all kinds of cool interesting information about the universe. I went there at night, it’s very beautiful, you can see Los Angeles all glowing from up there.

Walk around the streets, see some nice stores that sell cool things like these wine bottles holder.


San Diego, California


LACMA museum – Urban Lights


Universal Studios, Harry Potter theme


Photo taken from The Griffith Observatory, California

Places to go:

Mothers – good breakfast, organic food, my second favorite homemade jam ( first place goes to my mother’s, she makes an incredible homemade strawberry jam, at the light of the sun. Yes, you read good, the light of the sun!)

Catch LA – restaurant and lounge. Delicious food, you feel like you are sitting in a garden, good cocktails.

The Bungalow in Huntington Beach – it looks like a house with different living rooms where you can sit and a have a drink. Some of them have fireplaces where you can gather around and enjoy your friends company, very cozy and beautiful.

Javier in Newport Beach – mexican food, delicious margaritas, amazing view of the ocean.

The Cliff in Laguna Beach – we went at the sunset. I advise you to do the same, you will get an amazing view of the sun drowning into the ocean. Very good food and drinks.

True Food Kitchen – I have finally tried this restaurant in Santa Monica and I can say it’s amazing. Delicious food, very yummy tasty juices made out of carrots, ginger, beets and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The salads are very good. One of the best!

Toast Bakery Cafe – enjoy a breakfast or a brunch there after hiking. Their shakshuka (eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers and onions) is great! Delicioooousss!! And the sweet potato fries served with three different dips are just perfect.

Hyde in West Hollywood


LACMA museum

Universal Studios

Santa Monica Pier

The Griffith Observatory

Runyon Canyon – One of my favourite places, recently discovered. You can take your dog and go hike together, there is a leash free zone where you and your dog can walk, run, hike, or just relax and enjoy the view. It is a breathtaking place & a fun way to work out.

Balboa Park – rent a car or take the train and go to San Diego, it’s 2 hours away from LA. The architecture of the city will make you think you are in Europe. We had dinner at Searsucker, the food was not that good, but the atmosphere was nice.


 – RO –

În primul rând vreau să îți urez La Mulți Ani! Sper că ai avut un început frumos al anului 2017!


Revelion 2017 în Los Angeles, Skybar Mondrian

În al doi-lea rând, astăzi vei parcurge cu mine o scurtă călătorie din care vei afla de ce California este o destinație necesară listei tale de dorințe. Prima dată când am vizitat acest loc minunat a fost în vara anului 2015  și de atunci m-am îndrăgostit lulea, cum se spune, de acest loc. Iubesc să călătoresc și consider că fiecare țară are șarmul ei însă Cali, pentru mine, este perfectă.

De ce California?

California este echilibrul. Este vara și iarna, oceanul și munții, nisipul și zăpada, palmierii și brazii, agitația și calmul, sunetul valurilor și sunetul vântului, pisica și cățelul, toate conviețuind împreună într-o perfectă armonie, vibrație. Pentru mine, California este Yin & Yang. Reprezintă tot ceea ce planeta noastră ne-a oferit și anume apă, nisip, munți și verde. Iar acolo unde verdele răsare, acolo este pur și simplu natură, acolo este dezvoltarea naturală…trăirea primăverii. Este culoarea preferată a Californiei, fiind dată de o vegetație vastă care împreună cu razele soarelui oferă locuitorilor Californiei zi de zi dimineți colorate.


Santa Monica, California


Majoritatea oamenilor pe care i-am cunoscut, fie din Cali sau din alt stat, spun că vremea aici este perfectă, ceea ce este adevărat. Poți să te duci să te plimbi desculț printre valurile oceanului sau să te întinzi pe nisip și să privești în larg, chiar și în luna Ianuarie. Este o avere, crede-mă, să simți razele soarelui tot anul. Până la urmă, soarele este cel care colorează totul în jurul nostru. Pomii sunt mai verzi, oceanul albastru, florile roșii, nisipul galben și chiar și oamenii mai colorați & fericiți.


Newport Beach, California

Viața de zi & de noapte

Dacă îți place să faci sport și să te distrezi în același timp, Cali este locul de care ai nevoie. Ai o mulțime de activități de unde poți să alegi. Poți să faci drumeții, să înoți, să schiezi, să sari cu parașuta, să te plimbi cu caiacul. Îmbrăcați lejer sau în haine sport, la plimbare cu câinii lor sau alergând pe plajă, așa îi vezi pe majoritatea locuitorilor Californiei. Activi și sănătoși.


Runyon Canyon

Poți să te plimbi pe plajă în Santa Monica, să te lași absorbit de muzica cântată de oamenii de pe stradă, să hrănești porumbeii sau să te odihnești pe nisipul auriu în timp ce asculți oceanul.


Santa Monica, California


Santa Monica, California


Santa Monica, California

Ți s-a făcut foame după atâtea plimbări? Stai liniștit, ai de unde să alegi! De la cele mai mici detalii precum o veioză interesantă sau o furculiță vintage argintie ( pentru cei care țin la decorul și atmosfera în care servesc masa) până la mâncare și băuturi, restaurantele sunt create în așa fel încât îți îndeplinesc toate dorințele culinare. Aproape în fiecare găsești o opțiune vegetariană, mâncare sănătoasă dar gustoasă, sucuri din fructe & legume. Ai la dispoziție toate felurile de preparate din diferite țări/culturi, de exemplu bucătăria japoneză, chinezească, coreeană, mediteraneană, indiană, mexicană, etc.


San Diego, Searsucker


San Diego, Searsucker


Santa Monica, True Food Kitchen


Priveliștea restaurantului The Cliff din Laguna Beach

După ce soarele apune, savurează cina împreună cu un cocktail la unul din mulțimea restaurantelor/barurilor pe care California le oferă. Majoritatea îți pun la dispoziție și opțiunea de a sta afară lângă un șemineu deoarece seara temperatura scade un pic. Recomand Catch LA, Ysabel, The Bungalow sau Hyde care este și restaurant și club. Preparatele sunt servite în farfurii mici astfel încât să poți gusta din mai multe, să încerci salata cu muștar de piersică și burrata, salata cu sfeclă în diverse culori și platoul cu crudități împreună cu hummus din edamame. Ah și varza de Bruxelles împreună cu migdale și curmale. Mmmmm atâtea arome, mâncarea este absolut delicioasă așa că Hyde este “a must” , cum zic americanii, dacă într-o zi ajungi în LA. Din păcate nu am poze de acolo, eram prea ocupată să savurez toate gusturile acestea minunate.


Los Angeles, Isabel

Dacă ești o persoană mai spirituală care crede în chakre & energii sau în medicina naturală, găsești o mulțime de magazine care vând pietre și cristale cu proprietăți de purificare, diferite lumânări parfumate, tot felul de uleiuri, ceaiuri ayurvedice și multe alte chestii interesante. Eu mi-am cumpărat această piatră pentru Chakra Muladhara ( chakra rădăcină) și niște sare himalayană de la un magazin foarte drăguț numit House of Inutuition.


House of Intuition

Mașini clasice

 Îți plac mașinile clasice? Vei vedea multe pe străzile din California, precum acest Mustang de culoarea ciocolății. Nu-i așa că e frumos? Iubesc la nebunie Mustang-ul.


San Diego


Ți s-a făcut prea cald și ai poftă de aer curat? Poți oricând să te duci să schiezi în California, faci cam o oră, două până pe pârtie. Și după te poți întoarce să înoți în ocean, în aceeași zi!! Prea tare nu? Acum ești în ocean admirând munții, în două ore poți fi pe pârtie și apoi iar în ocean haha. Nu am avut timp să fac asta, de data aceasta însă e pe listă pentru data viitoare.

Apusul californian

Fără cuvinte.


Santa Monica, California


Santa Monica, California


Cred că în California, până și câinii sunt cei mai fericiți. Te pot însoți oriunde. Ai chef de o drumeție, poți să împărtășești experiența cu cățelul tău. Vrei să te duci la plajă, poți să îți iei cel mai bun prieten cu tine. Au chiar și o plajă specială pentru câini. Pentru mine a fost una din cele mai frumoase experiențe pe care le-am trăit. Imagineză-ți o plajă plină cu căței care aleargă și se joacă, înoată sau se plimbă. Unii dintre ei, cei leneși, întinși pe nisip, la relaxare. Promit să fac poze data viitoare.

Chestii interesante de văzut

Du-te la Universal Studios, descoperă secretele cinematografiei, cum sunt utilizate efectele speciale și tot felul de trucuri pe care regizorii le folosesc. Ia turul Universal Studios și bucură-te de diferitele spectacole și filme pe care ți le pun la dispoziție. ( recomand să te duci dimineța altfel vei aștepta mult timp pentru a intra. De la 30 de minute până la 120 de minute, cam atât am așteptat noi pentru Harry Potter). Există diverse show-uri, de exemplu Transformers, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious, The Walking Dead. Îți garantez, vei fi uimit/uimită!

Muzeul LACMA, The Griffith Observatory unde poți să vezi luna mărită de 170 de ori, diferite animații ale soarelui și ale altor planete. De ce există zi și noapte, de ce clima diferă în fiecare țară, de ce există patru anotimpuri. Cât cântărești pe fiecare planetă și tot felul de informații interesante despre Univers. Noi ne-am dus seara, într-adevăr dezavantajul a fost că nu am putut privi soarele prin telescop însă priveliștea te va lăsa mut. Fiind situat pe vârful unui deal, LA pare o bijuterie de acolo de sus.

Plimbă-te pe străzi fără o destinație anume și descoperă tot felul de magazine care vând diferite lucruri interesante precum aceste suporturi pentru sticlele de vin.


San Diego, California


Muzeul LACMA – Urban Lights


Universal Studios, Harry Potter


Priveliștea de la The Griffith Observatory

Unde să mănânci și ce să vizitezi:

Mothers – mic-dejun delicios, preparate organice, cel mai bun al 2-lea gem făcut în casă pe care l-am gustat ( primul loc îi aparține lui mami, care face o dulceață de căpșuni incredibilă, la soare. Da la soare!)

Catch LA – restaurant și lounge. Mâncarea este delicioasă, simți că stai într-o grădină. Cocktailurile sunt divine!

The Bungalow în Huntington Beach – arată ca o casă cu diferite sufragerii unde poți servi un cocktail împreună cu prietenii. Unele încăperi au șeminee, super confortabil și frumos.

Javier în Newport Beach – dacă îți place mâncarea mexicană. Cocktailurile Margarita sunt delicioase plus ai o priveliște a oceanului magnifică.

The Cliff în Laguna Beach – Noi ne-am dus la apus, îți recomand să faci la fel. Vei avea parte de o imagine superbă a soarelui ce pare că se scufundă în ocean. Mâncarea este foarte bună.

True Food Kitchen – Mi-am îndeplinit o dorință și am fost la acest restaurant în Santa Monica. Pot spune că este restaurantul meu preferat. Mâncarea este absolut delicioasă!! Sucurile lor sunt pline de arome, preparate din fructe și legume proaspete. Eu am încercat unul în care ingredientele prinicipale au fost ghimbir, morcov și sfeclă. Salate îți lasă gura apă haha

Toast Bakery Cafe – după drumeții savurează un mic dejun aici, încearcă shakshuka ( ouă poșate într-un sos făcut din roșii, ardei iute și ceapă), este senzațională. Îmi vei mulțumi!

Hyde în Hollywood-ul de Vest


Muzeul LACMA

Plaja din Santa Monica

The Griffith Observatory

Runyon Canyon – unul din locurile mele preferate. Poți să îți iei câinele cu tine, au o zonă unde îl poți lăsa liber fără lesă. Te distrezi și te relaxezi în timp ce faci mișcare plus că o dată ce ai ajuns sus priveliștea este uimitoare.

Balboa Park – închiriază o mașină sau ia trenul și du-te în San Diego. Este cam la 2 ore departe de LA. Arhitectura orașului îți va lăsa impresia că te afli undeva prin Europa. Noi am luat cina la un restaurant Searsucker, mâncarea nu a fost prea bună însă atmosfera și designul interior au compensat.