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Healthy homemade mayonnaise with avocado oil

Like I’ve said in my other blog posts, being on the Whole30 program forces me to come up with healthy options for foods that I used to eat before which would not be described as 100% healthy.

To me, Whole 30 is more than a diet or a program that promises to break all your unhealthy habits. It is a self-discovery journey. I learned so many things about food and about myself throughout this program. Now I know how to make the difference between hunger and a simple craving; cravings that are so connected to my emotional state. I also learned how to identify ‘ bad’ ingredients in products by reading the lables, how much sugar is hidden in almost everything we buy from the store, how so many ‘unhealthy foods’ are being sold under the label ‘ healthy’ and many other things that I’ll talk about in a future blog post when I’ll finish the program ( Whole30 – Part two).

We usually buy our groceries from Whole Foods, which is my favorite grocery store. On those days when neither Noor or I feel like cooking we go there, get a rotisserie organic chicken ( so delicious) some potatoes that we roast in the oven and organic fire roasted red peppers. First time we ate this combination, I felt like something was missing from  all these yummy tastes and that was mayonnaise, more specific, garlic mayonnaise. To me, the taste of chicken combined with garlic is just perfect!


So here it is, my latest discovery:

“Healthy homemade mayonnaise with avocado oil”

Easy, delicious and healthy!


Depending on your preferences you can add garlic, spices (oregano) or leave it as it is, plain. I did because I just loveee garlic.




Done! Yes, it is that fast and easy.








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