Juicing vs. Blending

Juices or smoothies? Which one is better? That’s a question we all start to think about once we begin juicing or blending. What we know they have in common is their purpose, which is to detoxify the body and give the digestive system a rest. Also both are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Bellow you’ll find important information about both of them, so you can determine which one is the best for you.



  • JUICES have little to no insoluble fiber. During the process of juicing the pulp is separated from the juice, leaving the soluble fiber, which is more easily digested and passed into the bloodstream.


  • BLENDERS pulverize the fruits and vegetables as a whole, leaving you with all the fiber. The insoluble fibers found in the smoothies helps slow digestion which means they keep you full longer.



Release speed

  • When consuming JUICES the nutrients are released in a much quicker way which could cause your blood sugar levels to rise. That might be helpful before or after exercise to give you a quick boost of energy.


  • When consuming SMOOTHIES the nutrients are released in a more slower way because of the insoluble fibers. It can help you keep your blood sugar balanced or curb your appetite between meals.


  • When consuming JUICES all the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream because there is no insoluble fiber in them to slow down the absorption process.


  • When consuming SMOOTHIES fewer nutrients are absorbed because some of the them attach to the indigestible fiber and are eliminated out of the body.



  • JUICING requires a larger amount of produce which means juices tend to be more expensive but they can benefit you more because you can pack in more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


  • BLENDING has the advantage of using certain produce that can’t be juiced like banana, avocado or figs. And they are more cost-effective because they require less produce.


Sugar is still sugar, even if it comes from fruits!

  • JUICES tend to have more sugar because most of the people chose fruit juices falling into the trap of ” juices are healthy”. Yes they are healthy when you limit the use of fruits and add more vegetables like celery, kale, cucumber.


  • SMOOTHIES can be full of sugar as well if you don’t limit the use of fruits. But because the smoothie blends the whole fruit you might use less fruits than you would normally use for juicing which means less sugar per glass.


In both cases, JUICING or BLENDING choose high-quality produce. Going organic can be more expensive, but it’s a health investment that pays off long-term.


Personally, I have tried both and I do like both. I drink smoothies when I want to achieve a durable satiety. Plus it feels more like a meal for me since I use toppings like almonds, cashews, chia seeds, hemp heart, coconut flakes or fruits. I drink juices when I want to detoxify my body because I feel juices do that to me more than smoothies. Find my favorite smoothie recipes here.

         Take into consideration your personal health goals before deciding whether to juice or blend. You can consume both juices and smoothies depending on your current nutritional needs. They might change from day to day based on how you feel or your activity level.



I hope you find this post helpful; if there are any questions, please feel free to address them below or you can find me on my Instagram, I am always there.





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