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Apple Toast with Almond butter




From all meals of the day, I have to say breakfast is my favorite one. It’s my fuel for the entire day so I’ve always given more attention to it. If I don’t eat breakfast, I have a problem with everyone. Whenever that happens ( rarely) I honestly chose not to talk because I know I’ll be mean. Oops!

When I don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast ( mostly during the week) I usually have a whole grain toast with crunchy almond butter/peanut butter, slices of banana and hemp hearts or chia seeds. I tend to get obsessed with anything that has almond/peanut butter so I can eat this toast every single day and still love it.



Like I said in other posts, being on the Whole30 program really inspires me to find foods or solutions to the foods I like but I am not allowed to eat. Therefore, I came up with this apple toast instead of the whole grain one. Delicioussss! More crunchiness! More flavor!













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