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The benefits of drinking warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach

      I open my eyes but can’t see anything. Oh, I have a pillow on my face. I gently take it away and turn to my right. Noor’s not there which reminds me that it’s Thursday. Yes, I have days when I wake up and can’t remember what day it is. Probably because I dream too much at night; sometimes it feels like I live another life during the night.

         I open the curtains and am reminded of in a second that spring’s not here yet. It’s April and outside it’s snowing. I love when it snows but not when it snows in April. To me, these two words really don’t match. April and snow. So I decide, if spring is not coming, to bring it into my home. I turn on the music, something that includes words like sun, breeze, sand, and ocean. Flowers? I already got some tulips and every time I look at them, they whisper ” sunshine” to me. The only thing that still reminds me of winter is my UGG Scuffette Shearling Slide Slippers. They are too fluffy, I can’t give up on them. 

          I stretch my back and look at myself in the mirror a little bit. My skin and hair are dry. Again, I blame the weather and plan to take a coconut oil bath today. I head to the kitchen and take out my new favorite baby pink mug. Turn on the kettle and head to the bathroom. There is nothing like cold water on my face in the morning. Literally wakes me up! I clean my face with Acne Solution Cleansing Gel and apply my new favorite cream from Clinique ( Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) and Dr. Babor Dual Eye Solution. For my lips, I use a natural cream made from Calendula plant, called ” crema de galbenele” in Romanian. 



           I go back to the kitchen and start preparing my warm water & lemon drink. I pour 4 cups of warm water, squeeze a lemon and add a slice of it in my mug. Hmmm. . . smells so refreshing. I move towards the carpet where I do a five minutes Child Pose stretching until my drink cools down a bit. It’s Instagram & e-mails time now so I grab my phone and start exploring my virtual world. Check what’ s new and good, read a few articles that I share on my Facebook or Linkedin. Like this one that I really enjoyed reading today or this one.





         Now let’s talk about warm water & lemon and its benefits. I have heard of this before but never done it. Why? Because we hear/read so many things every day, every minute. Information is literally “attacking” us in a way or another from everywhere. Eventually, it becomes overwhelming and we end up applying none of them. You see a post or a video, you read/watch it, plan to start doing it but then you don’t. That’s why I believe it’s good to take things slowly and do things one step at a time. It’s easy to get caught in this fast superficial world but I always try to remind myself these three words ” Slowly but surely”. It helps, it really does.

        Before I started my research about ” why warm water & lemon is beneficial”, I decided to try it and feel if it brings any good changes to me. I have been drinking it for almost 10 days now and I can already see some great results. 


Now, these are facts that I have been experiencing. Let’s see what the Internet & the Science is saying.


The benefits of drinking WARM WATER with LEMON JUICE



Citrate attaches to calcium in the urine, preventing the formation of mineral crystals that can develop into kidney stones. Consuming dilute lemon juice daily has been shown to decrease the rate of stone formation.

A flavonoid that is also referred to as vitamin P, which can reduce symptoms of hypertension, protect your body from conditions like heart disease, and cancer. Even though it’s also called vitamin P, theoretically it’s not. It’s not naturally secreted in the body, you can only get it through foods or synthetic supplements.

Pectin is a fiber and limonoids are antioxidants which are responsible for the tartness and occasional bitterness of the lemon. They can slow atherosclerosis ( hardening of the arteries) and decrease the ” unhealthy” cholesterol in the blood, LDL. Limonoids also promote weight loss.

They can help reduce swelling, inflammation, and water retention ( edema).

They flush out the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and according to Google ” experiments have found that the juice of lemons destroys the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases.”. Also, it can help with halitosis ( bad breath) caused by bacteria that build up in the mouth. 

In a study in Saudi Arabia, lemon in extract form also showed promise as a treatment for breast cancer patients. The study ” concluded that LE extract can induce the apoptosis of MCF-7 breast cancer cells”. Find the study here.

Although lemon juice is acidic, when you combine it with water at the right temperature it helps cleanse your body of toxins and balance your pH. Mixed with hot water, lemon juice can relieve nausea, heartburn, bloating, gas, and stomach aches. 

When you’re stressed your vitamin levels drop dramatically, making you more likely to become sick. To avoid this, there’s no better prevention than to drink a cup of warm water and lemon juice every morning. I also mixed it with honey and ginger when I feel like a cold is trying to get to me.

Why? Because lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acid can remove dull skin cells and generate new ones, working as a type of exfoliant. This acid is used in peels and skincare products. The vitamin C in lemons can also work together to lighten skin.

Drinking warm or hot water can help improve intestinal movements to fight constipation.


As you can see there are lots of benefits ( some supported by science) associated with drinking warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. The secret is to use fresh lemon juice, not bottled so that the nutrients will stay active. 



  After getting my Instagram ” dose” haha, I head towards the window and realize that it’s not snowing anymore. I move closer to get some light from the few rays of sunshine that are hiding between the clouds and wait for my babe to get home so we can have lunch together while I sip on this lemonish warm water.

       I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if there are any questions, please feel free to address them below or you can find me on my Instagram, I am always there haha. 





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