Starbucks – people of Chicago

Tuesday morning

10:04- 10:17

He sits down, looks around, left then right. Checks out our shoes, looks at his. Clean enough! Adjusts his glasses right on the top of his red nose as he bends his head down and forward. He then takes his phone out of his pocket. The phone is connected to a pair of black headsets. He is wearing a dark grey suit, a blue shirt and one of those stripped ties that match his shirt perfectly. Sips one time from his Trenta Starbucks iced coffee, puts his glasses next to my Tall Capuccino on the grey table and takes out a folder full of papers from his briefcase that’s so big it almost looks like a suitcase. His hair is white and filled with too much gel which makes it look silver and frozen. He then takes his laptop from the ” suitcase”, puts the folder on it, sends a text message while he takes another iced coffee sip. He sends a text message and in about 5 minutes he puts back everything, takes his Trenta iced coffee and leaves. The chair is empty now.

10:22- 10:35

Big guy, olive skin, black suit, white twill grid shirt, shiny black shoes, no tie. His white headphones are tangled so he takes a minute to solve the problem. Tentra also but can’t see what it is exactly. Black socks, too thick for this weather though. He connects the headphones to a phone while he texts on another one. Brown briefcase, smaller one this time. Crosses his legs and doesn’t move for a few minutes. Sorry, the only thing moving it’s his fingers. Takes a sip from his Tentra as he checks around the people sitting across him. He uncrosses his legs and starts texting on both phones. Takes another sip and another sip and another sip, damn this coffee must be good. He looks over the window for a few seconds and smiles a bit like he just remembered something. His hair is very short but curly, like afro curly. He starts texting and smiles again. Oh, I get it now, it’s love. Gets up, takes another sip of coffee, puts his black sunglasses on, fixes his pants, takes his briefcase and leaves. The chair is empty again. It’s a wood chair with olive leather, looks more comfortable than is. It’s between two big windows, right in the corner. You can see people walking outside from both sides, cars moving around and a few sun rays trying to make their way out between these big big buildings.

10:42- 11:20

A woman. Blonde, shoulder length hair with bangs. Black pants, black ballet flat shoes, black cardigan jacket. Crosses her legs to the left, texts a bit and then leaves. She comes back in a few seconds, crosses her legs to the right, stares at the window for less than a minute, puts her black frame glasses on and starts reading a black cover book. Her bag is brown. She looks sad. Looks up a bit like she is looking to see if her coffee is ready, leaves again. Comes back with a coffee, crosses her legs to the left. Starts reading. Stops to take out her phone and starts texting. Takes a sip from her Venti size coffee, starts texting again on her blue cover phone. Almost throws it in her purse and starts reading again. She looks at her right hand and starts bitting her nail, then looks at the other hand to check if there is anything there. Nothing there. Takes another sip and holds on to her coffee while she is reading. Puts it back on the table in a few seconds. She checks her phone, looks for a second at the book, checks her watch, takes another sip. Uncrosses her legs and crosses them to the right now. Starts reading but then a child starts crying and screaming so she raises her eyes and stares at him. Takes a look outside the window like she is looking but not watching. Starts reading. Crosses her legs to the left now while she takes another sip from her coffee. Bends forward and starts reading. Takes another sip. A man on her left stands up and shakes hands with another one that just came, all this take her attention. She crosses her legs one more time to the right and than locks her ankles. She then brings her knees together and moves to the next page of the book. Small apple shaped body. Double chin, white pink skin that looks dehydrated. Reads for 4 minutes, takes another sip and then another sip. While reading she takes another look at her nails, left hand then right one. Places her right hand on her small pink cheek, then looks around a little bit more this time. Locks her ankles, takes another look around, sips on her coffee and start reading while she rubs her feet slowly onto each other like they are getting cold. Stops and takes out a nude brown pink shade lipstick from her purse, checks her phone without taking it out of her purse. She takes it out eventually and scrolls up and down. Starts texting. Her face looks well rested, no bags under her eyes. And her cheeks look like they are naturally pink. She plays with her fingers, rubbing one against each other as she turns the page. As she bend backwards, getting more comfortable she places her right ankle on top of her left knee and starts reading again. Takes a look at her watch, bends forward, uncrosses her legs, puts her glasses and book back in the purse, looks at me for less than a second, takes her coffee and leaves.

11:33 – 11:39

My Tall Cappuccino got cold and I want to use the restroom but a new person enters the  story so I stay.

Bright blue jacket that brings a shade of color to my dark black gray day. Looks like a rain jacket but it’s not. Brown olive pants, brown thick socks, brown leather moccasins. White hair with a few dark gray areas, black eyebrows. He is holding a Tall Starbucks coffee in his right hand and his phone in his left one. Puts some papers under his right thigh and starts texting. His right eyebrow is lifted like he is bothered or something. Crosses his legs on the left side. Leaves.

As the time passes and we are getting close to the mid day, the sun rays finally make their way to the street across me. It’s good to see some light after all these winter months. Seems like February is leaving behind a hope, a hope of spring.


She is wearing black pants, black leather ankle boots, black cardigan, orange flowers patterned blouse. Her hair is dark blonde and short, curled on the inside a little bit. She is wearing glasses with a black frame on the outside and red on the inside. You can see she has bags under her eyes, even though her left eye is almost covered with hair. Her eyebrows are positioned in such a way that makes her look angry a bit. Her mouth looks like she hasn’t smile in a while.  Throws her bag and dark gray jacket on the floor, takes out her laptop and starts writing. Takes a sip from her Grande Starbucks coffee. She then takes her phone and starts texting. Takes another sip of coffee. Her feet form a triangle as she points them inward. She is writing something on her laptop, for work I guess ( she doesn’t look like she is enjoying it) but she stops to send another text. Takes another sip and places her coffee and phone right next to my cold Cappuccino. As she starts writing again she is interrupted by a text, takes her phone, looks at it and puts it back. Important enough to read it but not too important to respond to it. I am guessing it’s a friend or family member. Her fingers move so fast they look like they are dancing Samba on her laptop. She doesn’t look around at all, even though Starbucks is almost empty. Everyone is at lunch. Oh, she does! Takes a sip, looks at me but doesn’t really see me. She keeps writing and writing. Again, interrupted by a phone call this time. She has a low deep voice and Starbucks has very loud music so I can’t really hear what she says. Except hotel, laptop bag, Airbnb and New York. Traveling for work I am guessing, who takes their laptop bag with them on vacation. She crosses her legs on the right side, raises her right hand and fixes her hair a bit. Takes another sip and holds onto the cup placing it on her stomach. Keeps blinking like there is something in her almond shaped blue eyes. The sun rays can hit the windows now, touching her right eye, hair and ankle. She doesn’t seem bothered or maybe she didn’t even realized it. The person on the other side of the phone is taking all her attention. I am hungry so I go get a tomato basil soup and a mozzarella roasted peppers sandwich super quick. When I come back I see the sun rays are all over the place so I move at an empty round wood table. She is still talking, only now she is saying something about a trip to California on Wednesday ( oh, take me with you!). Then I think ” Oh man, if she would know I am paying so much attention to her, listening to her conversations, she would think I am rude just like the majority of people around here”. But then I remember that you don’t know her and never will so we are safe. Plus I really like ” people watching”. It’s just something about these creatures that takes my breath away. Oh man, this tomato basil soup is really good, like deliciously good. Try it! The conversation ends. She realizes the sun is all over the place too so she pulls her chair into the shade. Puts her laptop on the small gray table but she spills her coffee. Thankfully it’s empty. Bothered somehow she takes her stuff and moves at an empty table behind me even though my table has three empty chairs and the one next to me five empty chairs. Not a people person, I get it.


She is wearing jeans, black boots and a cherry color high neck curled at the ends. Her hair is dark brown and short. She is writing about something on her laptop, but keeps  looking around her or outside the window. She stares at them like as she is looking for something in each person. A pair of white headphones are connected to her laptop but she is not using them. Keeps bitting on a cheese sandwich and sipping on a tomato soup. Next to her ocean blue covered laptop there is a small tiny water bottle on which it says Equinox. Does she work there? Or she works out there? She looks fit. Her legs are crossed on the left side and the table she is sitting at is a little bit messy and empty. She rests her face into her palm. Her nails look nice like she takes care of them every now and then. Brown eyes that keep wondering around tireless like there is always something out there to look for. She straightens her back. Her soup is half empty and probably cold but she doesn’t seem like she cares, whatever she is writing about seems of a lot of interest to her. She writes slowly, taking breaks like she is creating something, improvising, trying to find the proper words that fit her big bright ideas. And she keeps looking outside the window like she is trying to find the answer in each one of them. They look back at her but no one actually sees her as they are all in such a hurry like they are trying to either run from or after something. She then brings her palms together and takes another look outside the window. Crosses her legs to the other side and decides it’s the moment to throw the left overs. She takes her phone, looks at it and puts it back on the table, like she only wanted to see what time it is. She pulls out the headphones and puts them back in her backpack, looks like she is getting ready to leave. Music starts playing but she shuts it down real quick. A middle age, small stature man sits across her. Looking for her answers again, she looks at him and he looks back. She would usually move her eyes away only this time she decides to see not just to look. She keeps looking at him, waiting for something to happen.

He smiles back at her.



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