Urban photo shooting – CHICAGO

I am Wild but tamed too

Bad but also good.

Shy and confident

Docile but obstinate.

When you’re right I can be wrong

Weak but also strong.

I may smile with a tear on my cheek

Not even hug before I leave.

I am two or three or maybe more

I am me, you.. I am all!

I may be a drop in the ocean

Screaming out loud all my emotion.

I was born as halves

Always been wondering about my path.

I can be cowardly brave

Or bravely coward.

But now, let’s talk about you

Always felt split in two.

Either right or left

No middle in the end.

Always felt like you need to bend

To go up and not descend.

They say “ life is a gamble”

I don’t really care because I am here

to find out

What the fuck is this all about!

      ” Split in two” by Ranim Salame









2 responses to “Urban photo shooting – CHICAGO”

  1. Great set. superb, hopefully you find out what the fuck it’s all about, you can let me know when you do 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ll let you know haha though I think there is an answer to be found for each of us. And sometimes the way to find an answer is to stop thinking about the question. 😉

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