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Smoothie recipes

First I want to thank all of you for giving me such a great feedback on my latest activities. One thing that motivates and empowers me the most is appreciation for my work, so thank you again for responding to my questions in such a positive way! After so many of you DM or answered ” YES” to the poll ” Should I do a post about smoothies? ” , I finally decided to write a post about four of my favorite smoothies.

A lot of words have been written for/against smoothies. It has become a controversial topic but hey, like Joshua Rosenthal says ” Nutrition is the only science in which two parties can prove two completely opposite theories to be true “. I believe one thing could be good for a person and the same one, bad for another. When it comes to the food we eat, there is no wrong or right. You are the only one who decides what its good for yourself, you are your own CEO! That is why, I suggest to keep yourself open to everything and avoid being rigid; try all kinds of products, all kinds of diets ( vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, etc. ) until you feel you found the one that works the best for you. Leave the trends! A lot of people convince themselves that a specific diet is the best for them, for all kinds of reasons but sometimes your body could be suffering and you could be too stubborn to see that!

Smoothies are amazing! But that’s just my opinion! Haha. They are such an easy way to ” cook” dinner or any other meal. I was trying to include more raw foods in my diet, since it got to my attention how heat destroys most of the nutrients and natural enzymes. Bought a Nutribullet ( which I absolutely adore) and voila, there I am, standing in my own kitchen, creating smoothie recipes. Just to give you a general idea, here is a few pros & cons about smoothies:

Why Smoothies are good?

Why Smoothies can become an enemy?


Let’s get started!

Are you ready?

” Take a beet” 


– half an orange.
– half a celery stick.
– half a beet or one beet if it’s a small one.
– a quarter of a cucumber if it’s big or 2-3 small ones ( finger cucumbers).
– juice from half a lemon.
– 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds.
– 1 carrot.
– 1 green apple.
– 4 strawberries.



” Pinky Pom”


– one green apple;

-half a thumb ginger root;

-half a lemon;

-one orange;

-1 pomegranate;



” Coco Lemo”


-half a lemon;

-one pear;

-one kiwi;

-one green apple;

-50 ml coconut milk or more if you like it more liquid.



” Egyptian sunsets”


-half a lemon;

-one carrot;

-half a peach;

-two round slices of pineapple;

-half an orange.




For decorations you can use coconut flakes, chia seeds, hemp hearts, pomegranate seeds, almond flakes, coconut flakes, fruits, dark chocolate flakes, granola, cashews, walnuts or any other fruits and nuts.

I put them all on the table and play with them. It’s so much fun and creative! If you have kids, ask them to join you, they will love it!
Also you can add any of these SUPER foods: spirulina, cacao, maca, goji berries.

I usually add ice too or sometimes I add some water, depends on how I feel like that day, thin or thick. I suggest you get creative and build your own recipe, it’s so easy and fun to experiment with food. Plus you get to choose the name! Most of the smoothies need a water/coconut milk/almond milk/milk base but sometimes I like a thicker texture so I don’t add any. Follow me on instagram @ranimsalame and let me know how you like them, using the hashtag #myownsmooothie. I am so excited to see what you will come up with!









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