The healthy bunny

I believe the following story brings awareness, education and a great advice for parents who are trying to teach their children what is good/bad for them. I remember that when I was a child I didn’t use to get lots of explanations for what my parents told me to do or not to do. They would just say ” Don’t do this!” or ” Don’t eat this!” or ” Do this!” but when I would ask why, silence would come along. I think it’s awesome to really TEACH your kids how to think instead of telling them. And what could be more amazing than doing it through beautiful stories. Stories that educate adults too, not just kids. This should stand as an example for all of us.

Kids asking their father if they can eat candies, the following story is their dad’s answer:

” Let’s say you have a bunny and you know that for the bunny to live a happy healthy beautiful life, all you have to do is give him the right foods, right water. What would you feed it? ( The kids answer was that they would give the bunny the right food.)

And now, lets assume your friends have their own bunny but they are feeding them candies, chocolate, soda and all kinds of food that are bad for the bunny’s health just because thats what the bunnies want. Would you ever feed your bunny the same candies or sodas if you knew that your bunny could get sick?It might not live as long, it might get in pain. ( The kids said ” No!” )

Well, you’re my bunnies and I’m responsible for you so I’ll make sure I do everything in my power. I will give you food that’ll strengthen you. “

Than the dad said to his kids : ” But girls, you have to understand that you are your own bunnies and one day you will be responsible for how you feel physically and mentally through what you eat.”

Thank you Chef and Health Coach Pete Evans for this powerful story!

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