Your car is more important than you!

Sounds crazy right?

You think ” No, nothing is more important than me!” but then you find yourself in situations of disregarding your needs to please your parents, your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend. Or sometimes just to fit into the society. You feel like staying home and rest but what you end up doing is going out and drinking or partying, waking up the next day more tired than ever. Why sometimes we know what we should do, what we feel like doing but we actually end up in the opposite direction?

You disregard your needs and your desires and once you do that you start feeling miserable, you start having food cravings, you gain weight, you have less energy and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a ” not so great” situation.

We wash our cars weekly and put the best gas in them ( if we are on those ” I have enough money” kind of day). If something happens to the car, we immediately take it to the car service to fix it. But somehow when it comes to our real “car”, our body, we get lost on the way. When it comes to investing money in the ” good gas” for our bodies, we hesitate. But when it comes to putting the right one in our cars, we do it! Why is that? I really love classic Mustang’s so I can understand how strong a car passion can be, I mean I hope I will not forget about myself when I will have one haha but still, when did our car become more important than ourselves?

When I asked myself that, I was shocked. Why? Why? Why people do that? I mean, yeah of course there are people who don’t take care of their cars either, not just themselves. And there are people who do take care of their health more than their cars ( which is better than the first version). Also we have the people who take care of both, that’s the best! But why some of us hesitate when it comes to investing in us more than things ( like cars, clothes, shoes and all that) ?

I believe disregarding your own needs comes from a deeper feeling of not knowing who you are and from a lack of confidence. When you don’t know who you are, what you want to do or what you like to do it’s just so much easier to follow others and do what they do. And by that you create a chain reaction. I don’t know what I want so I’ll just do what he/she says. By doing that I disregard my own needs ( that I am not even conscious about). By doing that your body starts telling you something is wrong so you start craving for different kinds of unhealthy foods or your head starts hurting you and you take a pill. Maybe it goes away or maybe you still feel like shit but in time you get used to this so much that you start believing that this is NORMAL. But that’s far from normal! You wake up one day ( after NYE usually or at the beginning of a month) thinking I am going to start a diet, go to the gym, be healthy this time. You feed yourself almost nothing, you feel so hungry you give up in a few days and decide this healthy lifestyle eating shit is so fake! So you end up in filling your car’s gas tank with expensive gas instead of doing that with yourself! You end up taking your car to the car service more than you go to a nutritionist/doctor/health coach/gym/yoga or whatever makes sense for you or feels good for you.

I used to be a person who doesn’t take care of her car or her body. I started taking care of my car first ( haha) and know I am learning how to do that with my body, properly!

What kind of person are you? Is your car more important than you? I am curious about your thoughts and opinions about this topic, so feel free to give me some!

Have a nice rest of the day!



2 responses to “Your car is more important than you!”

  1. I am a person who takes care of car a lot….I think car represents ourself….How our nature is……Caring, organized, clean….My car would be more important to me than me… know what…I am actually planning to buy a new car….And my favorite car is Beetle red colour….🤗 I liked your post…its kind of different…

    • I totally agree with you! The car is something important to me also, but I really think people, me, you, have more value than a thing, like a car in this example. I like Beetle too haha! Good luck with your new car! Thanks!

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