Mykonos happened because Sorina and Andreas got married in Athens in the summer of 2016. So thank you S&A, somehow you contributed to this trip! The wedding was just amazing, up on one of the beautiful olive hills in Athens where after the sun goes down and the Moon goes up you can see Greece sparkling like a fine jewelry. What happens when you and your friends are in Athens at your friend’s wedding? Dancing, jumping, crying, laughing, hugging, kissing & loving happens! 


The next day after my friends Sorina and Andreas promised eternal love to each other under an olive tree, we walked on the streets of Athens for a day and then we thought of going to an island hmmm… Got a map and picked from 6,000 islands haha peace of cake right? Mykonos sounded like fun & peaceful beaches. Crete was too far and I have been to Crete and Thasos before, gorgeous! But this time I wanted something different, something that has everything haha. Santorini felt too quiet that time so Mykonos happened. 

Greece is one of my favorite countries, I love the food, the music, their beaches & sea ( one of the beautiful ones), the people. I feel that Greece has the Oriental touch, somehow like Turkey, connecting me to it in a strange way, probably because of the Middle Eastern/Oriental part in me. I feel almost like home there. And Yes, Mykonos has everything! From the most quiet, romantic restaurant in Little Venice where you can dine while losing yourself in the sound of the waves lighted by the Moon, hitting the rocks, being quiet and loud at the same time to the most fun, crazy beach parties! 

Ladies and gentleman fasten your seatbelts, we are taking off to Mykonos ✈️



Little Venice Mykonos



After we got there we waited around 30 minutes for a cab just so we can find out later that there are only 11 cabs in Mykonos ( hmmm thats why there was a cab line of 40 people..) Eventually a driver from the hotel we were staying at came and picked us up. By the way the hotel was amazing, if you ever think of going, it’s called Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel. Checked in, grabbed my backpack and started the adventure. The best way to go around Mykonos is by scooter, the streets are filled with them, another cool thing about this windy island. Noor was the driver, I was the co-pilot. With the map in my hand and eyes on the street signs we went to almost every beach, spent 2-3 hours at one and head to the next one and next one and next one.




After the sun goes down do ” Date night on a scooter!” Wearing a white long wavy dress and Noor his pineapples, mangoes, strawberries and all kinds of fruits shirt haha just like we get ready for all our date nights , we went for a scooter ride on the hills of Mykonos with the moon diving into the Aegean Sea on the right and the wind blowing in my beachy summerish hair, holding tight to my love, felt perfect! For a moment there up on the hill, you and me.. and the Moon, we were everything! Someone wise once said, stop wishing for life to be perfect all the time so as happiness is in the little moments!

Collect moments, memories, experiences…




Happy clothes, happy people


Medical Office in Mykonos haha


And this is how Mykonos ended, taking pictures while waiting for our ferry which was delayed. Great time, great place!

Next? London baby 🤘🏼



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