Conventional or Naturopathic Medicine?

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” It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”



I am currently taking an online class about Natural Holistic Remedies, the above quote is the quote with which my first lesson starts. So far it’s pretty interesting, more than I expected for sure! I get to learn how to plant my own plants and how to use them to treat different things or how to use herbs as facial/hair/body masks. I will try them on me and share my results, promise! But until then lets talk about the difference between conventional and naturopathic medicine.

    Conventional medicine is a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. Also called allopathic medicine, biomedicine, mainstream medicine, orthodox medicine, and Western medicine. This is the google definition to which I agree.

    Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. ThMis is the google definition to which I agree but I also want to add to it. I want to use the term ” holistic” which comes from ” holism” referring to the word ” whole”. A holistic care approach focuses not only on the disease, injury, ailment but instead on the person as a WHOLE. At the base of holistic treatment is the principal that when one part of the person is ignored or out of balance, it causes the entire system to become imbalanced.


” The body is one integrated system, not a collection of organs divided up by medical specialties. The medicine of the future connects everything. ” 

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

What to expect when you walk into a holistic practitioner’s office?

    Expect to be evaluated  in a profound way regarding your history, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings. You will be educated regarding your lifestyle and self-care, provided with different therapies and treatments, surgeries, medications, exercise and diet change, spiritual, mental health and relationship counseling.

What are the treatments and therapies that holistic care offers?

  • Whole Medical Systems (homeopathy, naturopathy);
  • Manipulative and Body-Based Practices ( Acupressure, acupuncture, massage, Qi Gong, aromatherapy ) ;
  • Mind Body Medicine ( Art Therapy, Color Therapy, Psychotherapy, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Music Therapy, NLP, Thai Chi) ;
  • Biologically-Based Practices ( Herbal Therapy, Nutritional counseling) ;
  • Energy Medicine ( Reiki, Magnetic Therapy) .



What is the difference between Integrative and Alternative Medicine?

    Integrative Medicine like its name says it, integrates different treatment and therapies alongside with Conventional Medicine. They work together, hand in hand.

   Alternative Medicine on the other hand, rejects Conventional Medicine. The therapies are derived from herbalism, TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) and homeopathy.


Principles of Holistic Care

1. Optimal Health

2. The Healing Power of Love

3. Whole Person

4. Innate Healing Power

5. Prevention & Treatment

6. Integration of Healing Systems

7. Relationship-Centered Care

8. Individuality

9. Teaching by Example

10. Learning Opportunities

5 meditation-and-peace

” What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

So which one is the best for us? Conventional or Naturopathic Medicine? There are a lot of words written on this topic; in the USA naturopathic doctors ( ND’s) are being noticed as much as MD’s are in some states like California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii. I have talked to teachers, doctors, students and all of them told me how much territory Naturopathic Medicine is taking. A lot of students at NUHS ( National University of Health and Science) are former patients with diseases that Conventional Medicine couldn’t heal so they turned to NM and cured it through a lifestyle and diet change. I cannot say which one is the best for you, I think they both are! But I believe acute diseases that threat the life of the patient should be treated through Conventional Medicine. You can’t cure someone who had a car accident through herbs and holistic care. We cannot deny the scientifically part of Medicine but we cannot also deny that Conventional Medicine does not have all the answers and it’s ok to look for answers in another places. Chronic diseases should be looked at from another point of view; the cause needs to be found through explorations to the inner corners of the life’s patient so we can stop treating symptoms and start healing people that are in need.

PS: Happy birthday to all the kids including the adult kids haha! 🎈



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