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Lydia Turner
"Dr. Ranim, thank you for showing me how to live a healthy lifestyle. I went from eating Mc Donald's every day to eating home-cooked meals every day. I went from size 22 to a size 16! I feel great. I love how you look at the whole person and not only the weight, like relationships, family, career, spirituality, and so many other things. You also showed me how important self-care is. Thank you so much!"
Laura Kozak
"Ranim has been very influential in both educating and inspiring me to help make good nutritional choices in order to obtain my weight loss goals and general overall health.  She is a great listener, very friendly and I always looked forward to my time talking with her. She has great suggestions and is very educated in her field.  She would be very beneficial to anyone who has nutritional and/or weight loss goals."
20 Minute Recipes